IVECO DAILY electronic assistents

31. 10. 2021

In modern vehicles, we often see abbreviations such as ABS, ASR, MSR and many others. It is also in the interest of our security to know what lies behind these abbreviations. So you know the importance of electronic safety systems in the IVECO DAILY


Anti-lock Brake System


Electronic Brake force Distribution
It distributes the braking force between the axles


Anti-Slip Regulator
Anti-slip system of driven wheels with effect on brakes and engine driving torque


Engine traction control
Electronic regulation of braking torque when accelerating on slippery surfaces


Electronic Stability Program
This electronic vehicle stabilization program brakes the individual wheels individually and reduces engine speed


Hydraulic Brake Assist
A system that increases the pressure in the braking system during emergency braking

Hill Holder

This assistant assists the driver when starting uphill and acts on the brakes to keep the vehicle on a steep incline when starting off.


Load Adaptive Control
The ESP extension program improves ESP response, recognizes current vehicle weight and load distribution